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Emory Vaccinology Training Program (VTP)

VTP-T32 advisor, fellows, and director June 2011 – left to right:  Saad Omer (Advisor), Fellows:  Scott Hale, Julia Painter, Ameeta Kalokhe, Paul Gastanaduy, Mark J. Mulligan (Program Director) Missing:  Thuc vy Le (Fellow)

The Vaccinology Training Program (VTP) was created in response to an urgent need to train a new generation of researchers in the field of Vaccinology. Vaccines have made an unparalleled contribution to preventive medicine – their successful introduction and widespread use has resulted in the eradication of smallpox, the elimination of wild poliovirus from most parts of the world, and a 95% or greater reduction in morbidity within the United States as compared to representative 20th century rates for at least six other vaccine-preventable childhood diseases.  While vaccines do hold great promise for reducing disease burden, a new generation of scientists is needed to address difficulties that have plagued efforts to develop and deliver additional needed vaccines such as for infectious diseases such AIDS, malaria, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis, and for other disabling diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s dementia. The training objectives and goals of the Vaccinology Training Program (VTP) include:

This program is sustained through funding from the NIAID of NIH under grant 5T32AI074492.

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