Microscopy in Medicine Lab

The Microscopy in Medicine Core (MiM Core) at Emory University is a core facility providing access to Fantastic Voyage Endothelial cells in culture forming tubules Cell division in MASMs using DIC optics Tracking of Ang II stimulated GFP AT1R Image Map histology and state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation on a shared-use basis to faculty, staff and students of the Emory Division of Cardiology and Emory Department of Medicine. The facility is located in the Woodruff Memorial Research Building (WMB) on the Emory campus. Map to MiM Core facilities.

Contact - MiM Core director, Dr. Lula Hilenski.

Emory MiM Core Image Collage

MiM Core Collage
Collage Endothelial Cells

User's Guidelines

Please review the MiM Core guidelines and policies before starting work in the lab.

MiM Core: Microscope Policies 

Acknowledgment of the Microscopy in Medicine (MiM) Core

Our funding depends upon your citing the Microscopy in Medicine (MiM) Core when you publish data, including images from the microscopes, training in the use of software, prints from the printers, etc. The minimum acceptable acknowledgment should read:
“Experiments/data analysis/presentation [include what you use] were performed in part through the use of the Microscopy in Medicine Core, supported by NIH grant P01 HL095070.”
Please include a statement in the acknowledgments section, such as “Microscopy data for this study were acquired and/ or analyzed in the Microscopy in Medicine Core."
When you publish a paper incorporating data acquired in the MiM Core, please send either a reprint of the paper or the complete citation of the paper to Lu Hilenski at lhilens@emory.edu.

Microscopes in the MiM Core

Please visit the Microscopes in MiM Core page for more information about each microscope.

Resource Documents

• Microscopes Available in MiM Core
• Microscope Calibrations
• Seeing Is Believing

Software for Image Analysis

Methods and Protocols

Microscopy and Immunostaining Lectures

Histology Equipment

Please review the attached documents for more information on the Emory University Department of Medicine Hisology Equipment

Imaging Ethics

Information for Publications and Grants

Please review the attached documents for more information on publications and grants.

What Info To Put In Methods and Materials       

• Sample Letter of Support for MiM Core Use

Publications from MiM Core

Please review the attached document for a full list of publications from the Emory Microscopy in Medicine Lab.


Leadership Director

hilenskiLula L. Hilenski, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine/Division of Cardiology
Emory University School of Medicine

Helpful Websites

Contact Us

All potential users of the systems are asked to contact the director of the facility, Dr. Lula Hilenski, to schedule a one-on-one Basic Training session at a mutually convenient time. These individual training sessions, which usually last about 2 hours, include proper use and care of microscope objectives, operation of the microscope and laser system, laser safety, as well as how to acquire, save, export and transfer images.

Microscopy in Medicine Director

HilenskiLu Hilenski
Room 329, Woodruff Memorial Research Building
101 Woodruff Circle 
Atlanta, GA 30322
e-mail: lhilens@emory.edu