CALIBREX (CAndesartan vs LIsinopril effects on the BRain and Endothelial function in eXecutive)

What is about the study?

  • The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of two high blood pressure drugs, candesartan and Lisinopril, on thinking abilities and brain activities.
  • This research may help us learn how to stop damaging effects of hypertension on our brains and memory abilities. Information from the study might lead to new treatments in the future.
  • This study involves 5-8 visits at our study site during the course of a year.
  • One-year supply of blood pressure medications
  • Volunteers will be compensated for time and travel

Who can participate?

  • 55 years or older with high blood pressure with or without medications.
  • We will invite you to come to Emory for an evaluation to check if you are eligible.

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VASCULAR (VAScular ContribUtors to prodromaL AlzheimeR's disease)

VASCULAR (VAScular ContribUtors to prodromaL AlzheimeR’s disease)

What is the study about?

  • The purpose of this study is to identify factors that are linked to memory and cognitive loss in both those without any memory difficulties and in those who are experiencing loss of memory. We are particularly studying the role of the vascular system, which includes the heart and the circulation, in memory loss. We will study 100 individuals with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and 100 matched controls.
  • Cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) share many risk factors including hypertension. Identifying the role of vascular dysfunction in AD will offer new therapeutic targets for AD prevention and treatment. This study will help to provide knowledge about the development of AD and will offer an explanation for the association between cardiovascular disease and AD.
  • This is a 2 yearlong study that includes 4 visits to the study center
  • Volunteers will be compensated for time and travel

Who can participate?

  • Age 50 and older to come in for an evaluation to determine if eligible.
  • Individuals with memory problems called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and individuals who do not have memory problems.

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REACCTION (REActivity of the Cardiovascular System and Cognitive FuncTION)

What is about this study?

  • This study investigates the way your heart reacts to stress, and whether it may be related to cognitive function.
  • Participants will undergo a memory evaluation and have their heart response to mildly stressful conditions measured.
  • This study involves a one-time visit to our study center.
  • Volunteers will be compensated for time and travel

Who can participate?

  • 25 years or older
  • with and without memory  problems
  • African American or white participants
  • A diagnosis of early-stage dementia  is allowed

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CEDAR (Candesartan┬┐s Effects on Alzheimer's disease And Related Biomarkers)

What is about this study?

  • This study tests if an FDA approved blood pressure medication might help cognitive function and thinking skills. It also aims to study the effect of this medication in reducing the build-up of proteins in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease.
  • This study will last 1 year and will include between 8-11 visits to our Emory study site during the one-year period.
  • The study will provide one-year supply of candesartan
  • Volunteers will be compensated for time and travel
  • Who can participant?
  • 50 years or older with memory difficulties
  • Individuals without hypertension
  • Willing to undergo a memory evaluation, lumbar puncture and take an FDA-approved blood pressure medication
  • Not in other studies with brain assessments or medications

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