Collaborate With Us

BSHARP investigators welcome collaborations with other investigators within Emory or other institutions. If you are interested in including any of these measures in your research please contact Dr. Ihab Hajjar at Our group has a wide range of expertise:

  • Neuroimaging capabilities: The neuroimaging activities of the B-SHARP program include multimodality assessment of both cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR) and perfusion (ASL) as well brain connectivity and microvascular brain damage (white matter lesions, DTI, and atrophy). We have established a neuro-imaging protocol and system that allows us to measure beat-to-beat blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and end-tidal CO2 along with the Neuroimaging signals. Using these signals we can derive measures of CVR and cerebrovascular regulation in various patient populations.


  • Stress Response Assessment: Using advances in biosensors we developed a non-invasive system to assess bot neuro-responses and cardiovascular responses to stress. We currently can measure impedance cardiography (ICG), Ballisto-cardiography (BCG), ECG, Electro-dermal activity (EDA), beat-by-beat blood pressure, and respiratory rates in response to various stimuli and stressors. Our team in collaboration with Georgia Tech (insert Inan lab link) is developing new physio-markers of stress response as it relates to racial cognitive disparity, mental stress, and discrimination. We also utilize an array of questionnaires to assess stress exposure.
  • Vascular function assessment: With aging, the vascular system demonstrates multiple phenotypic changes.  In collaboration with Emory clinical cardiovascular research Institute (Insert ECC RI Web link). Currently we measure both ICG and PWV at the B-SHARP lab. We also have capabilities to measure 24-h Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and beat-to-beat blood pressure. 
  • Cognitive assessment: We utilize a large array of cognitive and functional tools include the NIH-Tool box, EXAMINER and other standardized tools for cognitive assessments.