Brain, Stress, Hypertension and Aging Research Program

The Emory University Brain, Stress, Hypertension and Aging Research Program (BSHARP) is a collaborative team of investigators and research personnel that aim to better understand the relationship between brain health and the cardiovascular system, focusing on aging and hypertension. We serve as a central link at Emory University between multiple scientific and clinical areas such as aging and geriatrics, cardiology and vascular biology neurosciences (cognitive neurology, neuroimaging, neuropsychology), and molecular sciences. Our research studies the effect of hypertension and its treatment on cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. Our ultimate goal is to develop new therapies that will affect both. We are an interdisciplinary program at Emory University with collaborators from multiple disciplines and programs locally and nationally across other institutions. Dr. Ihab Hajjar an associate professor of medicine is the principal investigator for the program.

Research Themes

  • Hypertension and cognitive disorders
  • Antihypertensive medications for cognitive disorders
  • Microvascular function, Progenitor cells  and Cognition
  • Stress racial disparity and the heart-brain connection


BSharp studies

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